KIES 2018

KIES 2018 EduAwards

Passionate about transforming the education industry?
Energized by pushing the boundaries of traditional delivery and business models education?
Then your participation in the KIES2018 EduAwards is a must!

At KIES2018, we will recognize and honor the 3 most promising start-ups in Asia with the KIES2018 EduAward, and an opportunity to present their company at this gathering of thought leaders of the education space, investors and CXO’s of education companies to name a few.

These 3 winning start-ups will demonstrate how they enhance student outcomes and promote enquiry-based collaborative learning by integrating innovative delivery models into the classroom.

The KIES2018 EduAwards serve as market validation for the vision and impact of education start-ups, helping to raise their international profile and inspire new generations of companies to drive innovation. The symposium provides an ideal platform for new businesses to celebrate their success while building connections with media, potential customers, accomplished investors and fellow start-up entrepreneurs.

Benefits of Participation

  • Worldwide exposure.
  • Opportunity to pitch your start-up to 250+ global attendees from across the spectrum of education.
  • Opportunity to meet leading international technology and education publications.
  • Increased brand awareness.
  • Pre-conference publicity on the KIES website.
  • Onsite publicity via banners/standees at the symposium venue.
  • 3 shortlisted candidates receive a free registration, travel to the symposium.
  • Free invite to the Networking Cocktails and Dinner.


  • 31st December 2017 - Deadline for application submission.
  • 1st February 2018 - Announcement of the five winners on the KIES Website.


An international panel of eminent education and edtech leaders will assess applications based on the following criteria:

  • Financial return on investment: Rigor and feasibility of the startups financial model
  • Feasibility of business model: The company must have or should be working towards, a sustainable and scalable business model
  • Innovation: Business models which would make a significant impact on the learning process or in the facilitation of learning delivery. The impact may be in any dimension including better outcomes, greater scale, higher quality at lower prices, and increased access for diverse income groups.
  • Company products must be in production and available to the public, with sufficient validation of value through a reasonable number of customer deployments
  • Judges will be looking for companies with the potential to change the status quo at a regional level and ideally a global level

These are not just education technology awards, we are looking for disruptive and transformative ideas to improve education through better delivery, business models, use of technology, etc. The sky is the limit!

EduAwards Application

Please upload your pitch deck which should include the following basic details on(within 10 slides):
  • Product/service description (Business model, USP, scalability approach)
  • Customer segment, Market and Competition
  • Financials
  • Team
  • Any additional information

*Please note that KIES2018 will treat all information as highly confidential and numbers will not be made public.